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We hired [competing St. Louis tree service] on August 7, for one day’s work, at $1,000/day[…] They completed the work, stated they had leaf blowed the roof and gutters and no need to examine roof, I looked over the edge & at that time couldn’t see any damage. […] with solid rain, we discovered 14 HOLES IN OUR ROOF, EIGHT WERE FROM CHAIN SAW CUTS ALONE measuring 4″ long and 1/2″ wide. The holes lead to three rooms in our home being damaged by water; furniture, rugs, piano, tables, it was an unbelievable situation…


About Us

Our Promise

Saint Louis Tree Service isn’t like other tree service companies.  We are here to solve your tree problems not create new ones. We will listen to you and give you the best professional advice and quote that we can, quickly. When we come into your yard we will be careful of your property and expert in the care of your trees.

We are not the cheapest tree service. We are not a fly-by-night operator with a chainsaw. We are here to stay and here to take care of you. We’ve built our business on repeat customers just like you.

Please give us a call today and we WILL make sure that both you and your trees are well cared for.

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Our Services

Saint Louis Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Saint  Louis Tree Service can quickly and safely remove any tree in the Saint Louis area from the smallest bush to the largest oak.  A dying tree will only get worse if left too long.  Call us to protect your property and loved ones.

Saint Louis Tree Trimming

Trimming / Pruning

We will enhance the structure of your trees and keep them healthy with our Tree Trimming service. We are Tree Surgeons with over 40 years of experience. Pruning your trees regularly is an important part of tree care.  It allows proper airflow, prevents mold and fungus, and it makes them look great!

Saint Louis Tree Care Fertilizer

Fertilizing and Tree Care

Fertilizing your trees will help them stay healthy and beautiful all year long.  Saint Louis Tree Service offers a full range of plant health care options.  Call us today and we will keep your trees in top condition from the lowest roots to highest leaves.

Saint Louis Tree Disease Control

Disease Control

Tree Diseases and Pests are unsightly and can even be dangerous.  Call Saint Louis Tree Service at the first sign that something is wrong and we will walk you through the full range of plant health care option available.

Saint Louis Stump Grinding Removal

Stump Grinding

Saint Louis Tree Service has the latest equipment to remove stumps from your lawn. We offer full service Stump Grinding and Removal with meticulous clean up.  Call us today and your property will never look better!

Saint Louis Firewood


We don’t just offer tree care!  We also have everything you need for a warm cozy fire.  Whether you need just a bundle or a whole rack of wood, Saint Louis Tree Service will deliver seasoned wood to your door.

Saint Louis Tree Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Saint Louis Tree Service offers a full range of commercial tree, plant health care, and lawn care services.  No matter what your need we will do a great job at an affordable rate.

“I really appreciate how friendly and professional the guys were who came to remove my storm damaged oak last week. Wow!  They made it so easy.  Thank you!”

Diana G.

Ballwin, MO

“Your tree service really did a great job. The 10 trees they trimmed all look fantastic!”

John G.

St. Louis, MO


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Our Customers

Find out what thousands of your St. Louis neighbors already know!

Proudly Serving St. Louis City, Florissant, Chesterfield, University City, Oakville, Wildwood, Ballwin, Mehlville, Kirkwood, Hazelwood, Maryland Heights, Webster Groves, Ferguson, Spanish Lake, Affton, and all corners of St. Louis and St. Charles Counties.

Why Are We The Best St. Louis Area Tree Service and Lawn Care Experts?

Over 40 Years of Experience!

We are one of the most experienced and respected Tree Care companies in Saint Louis County.  We have a complete set of state-of-the-art equipment and staff of well-experienced tree experts that have deep knowledge of trees and how to maintain their health as well as how to safely remove them.  We know how to reverse disease and pest in trees by using of organic plant nutrition and antibiotics that are safe for the both the tree and environment. From tree trimming to lawn care, we have done it all before many times.  We understand the special needs of St. Louis area tree services and lawn care.

Extremely Affordable Prices

Saint Louis Tree Service keeps prices as low as possible for our clients in Saint Louis and Saint Louis County.  To do that, we competitively shop the cost of tree services and lawn care from other tree services companies and always look to charge a reasonable rate for our work so our clients feel good about the cost of the job. We are not in it to make as much money as possible from one job.  Our principle is to earn your trust and work with you for the next 20 years. Trees are a long-term investment, and we look to grow our business over the long-term as well.  So, making smaller margins is fine for us, as long as we have happy customers giving us referrals and repeat business.  This is how we succeed:  By investing in the happiness of our customers and the health and success of their trees.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are fully insured and licensed in St. Louis and St. Charles counties, and so is all the work that we do. This is important because if you have and unlicensed, fly-by-night company doing work on your property, and an accident was to happen that caused injury to property or person, the homeowner could actually become liable for the damage! This is why it is crucial to pick a reputable Tree Care company in Saint Louis. With us, you have no worries as everything we do is covered.  Saint Louis Tree Service puts safety as the most important factor, we have 02 years of experience to prove this fact. While we do the work, you can relax in your home and have peace of mind that the job will be done right and safely.
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