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Tree Disease Control Saint Louis

Affordable Tree Disease Control

Tree Disease Control 

Here at Saint Louis Tree Service, we save Tree’s lives by preventing and curing Tree Diseases and Pest Control. We are Saint Louis County Michigan expert Arborists with 42 years experience in helping Trees overcome various bacteria and fungi overgrowth.

We have several tools, one of them being the lower pressured Tree injections that will cure trees of bacterial leaf scorch (BLS) it is the bacteria that affects the xylem of the tree which is responsible for the water & nutrient uptake of the tree, this bacteria will begin to clog up the tree. It usually shows up int he summer time and you may think its just summer stress but you will see that the tree is thinning itself out. This is a deadly disease, it’s not just the leaves that get scorched but it can kill the tree over time.

Our low-pressure injections contain oxytetracycline hydrochloride which is an antibiotic. This will effectively save the tree from disease and early death.

Some signs of deadly disease on Tree: Dead branches, thinning of leaves

Deep Root Injection:
We also inject organics into the nearby dirt so the tree roots can uptake more antibiotics and nutrients to get them back to health, the injections contain park Root (amino acid), fertilizer, yucca, seaweed & kelp, and other nutrients for plants

Fungi Overload:
Some signs of deadly fungus growth on the tree might be unusual bumps on the bark of the tree or discolored / specs on the leaves, this too can also take down the tree over time resulting in precious loss of big valuable trees of your yard. Let the professional arborist come take a look for you and we can consult on the best approach to take to heal your tree.

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Why Are We The Best Tree Service in Saint Louis, Missouri?

Over 42 Years of Experience!

We are one of the most experienced and respected Tree Removal companies in Saint Louis County. Which means we have a complete set of state-of-the-art equipment and staff of well-experienced tree experts that have deep knowledge of Trees and how to maintain their health as well as how to safely remove them.  We know how to reverse disease and pest in trees by using of organic plant nutrition and antibiotics that are safe for the both the tree and environment.

Extremely Affordable Prices

Saint Louis Tree Service keeps prices as low as possible for our clients in Saint Louis and Saint Louis County, Missouri.  To do that, we study the cost of tree service from our competitors and we always look to charge a reasonable rate for our quality work so our clients feel good about the cost of the job. We are not in it to make as much money as possible from one job.  Our principle is to earn your trust and work with you for the next 20 years. Trees are a long-term investment, and we look to grow our business over the long-term as well.  So, making smaller margins is fine for us, as long as we have happy customers giving us referrals and repeat business.  This is how we succeed:  By investing in the happiness of our customers and the health and success of their trees.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are fully insured and licensed and so is all the work that we do. This is important because if you have and unlicensed, fly-by-night company doing work on your property, and an accident was to happen that caused injury to property or person, the homeowner could actually become liable for the damage! This is why it is crucial to pick a reputable Tree Care company in Saint Louis. With us, you have no worries as everything we do is covered.  Saint Louis Tree Service puts safety as the most important factor, we have 42 years of experience to prove this fact. While we do the work, you can relax in your home and have peace of mind that the job will be done right and safely.
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